Jesus, You are my true north.

Purpose In His Word • Power In Our Speech

God sends His son so that His lost ones could be found, so that we could have His spirit in us.

His spirit alive in me, in you, now a possibility.

He speaks.

We hear.

Disobey or obey
Listen or ignore
Change it stay the same
Rise or fall

He loves.

Never will this change.

Here, on this planet, we have the power to change things. With Gods all knowing mind & perfect planning, we can change things. He knows what’s up. We are the light. We are his hands and feet & we can change lives.

I learn to hear Him better as I grow. We have been given an authority on this earth. We have a purpose. We are His chosen voice of love & passion.

More & more I learn to listen to the one that made me. Not just hear, but listen. Once I was told to speak. I was scared. I thought that I would offend. Thought that it was too late.. That the window was closed. That I might communicate poorly..

Did not realize how much my lack of speech could affect someone’s future.

Though I will not share the individual situation that I am thinking of, I see now that it was not love to hold back. One that is dear to my heart, felt a lack of the love of God. His word spoken by me may not have felt like love then, but it would have looked like love in hind sight. Although love existed, there was none to express because the one who possessed the word did not think that there was a great enough purpose in speaking it. Now a question remains in their heart,

“Why didn’t God speak? If God loves, why didn’t He try to tell me”?

This is not something that I feel guilt for, but I see that there is purpose in what we do.

A life lived with love & passion is not in vain. Our words bring life. When we are open to Our Lovers direction, all that He needs is a willing heart. Not qualified. Not perfect. But willing. We are made righteous through the blood of Christ.

Just be willing. Meditate on His love. Fear dissipated. All it’s vapors and illusions gone. His word, truth, sets us free. Fearless of failing. Bold. Passionate & loving.

With eyes on Christ, fruit will follow effortlessly.

“For God so loved…..”
John 3:16

Nicole Foster Rasmussen


End Of MY Rope


Normally, I work on Mondays.

Not today. TODAY, I lay in bed.

I am NOT made to lay in bed, while the things that I love to do go undone.

Accomplish. Bear Fruit. Be a success.

Now don’t misunderstand me, these things are most definitely things that we were created to do, but something happens when they become your only focus… or moreover, the real problem is when the road to get there is anything other than looking to Jesus.

God gives me dreams. Shows me purpose. Places dreams of His own in my heart, where they become my own.

It was never wrong that I wanted those dreams passionately. They were His own desires. He put them there. My Problem is looking to myself to accomplish them. I CAN NOT accomplish these things on my own. Whatever I accomplish on my own will not last. It would be like using GLUE to fix an engine. The engine might look well, but when you go to start it nothing runs. It is not about the fruits, but about what is going on inside.

God cares about both our inside & our outside. However, the inside must change, before there can be lasting change on the outside.

We cannot have the lasting influence on the world without the everlasting God.

Behold Him. Dwell in His Presence always. Rest. Enjoy. Move in Him.


Keeping it real,

Nicole Foster


| new seasons |


In my life? yes. Everyday. 

Gods grace made new.

What I really mean // This blog. I want to go at it again.

This first blog, after about a years time, is BOUND to be about change.

Life is JAM PACKED full of change right now. God given gifts & plans.

I write my dreams & desires. MY dreams & desires are HIS. He put them in my heart.

He planted the dreams. Nurtured them. They grew. NOW, they have come to fruition.

The coolest part about this process is that dreams are always being planted with our eyes on Him.

I have watched so many detailed dreams come to pass..

Thank you, God. My Love.

My one & only,

Nicole Foster Rasmussen

God, Be My Vision

Wow! What a wonderful life that we get to live!
We have an all powerful God that chose to make us His dwelling place!
Ohh my GOD & FATHER..
We, your people, no longer have to lay our worship BEFORE You, but we worship IN You
We WILL worship you with all of YOUR might.. Much greater than all My might.
Oh GRACE, Of your grace I will sing!

My desire // That all people would know, experience & dwell inside, God // Our perfect & loving father. All powerful He is & was & forever will be.. Still He wants us.. He draws out all that we were MEANT & MADE to be..

Trending TV Show In My Home // The Dick Van Dike Show
It is & ALWAYS WILL BE // Like A Sloppy Wet Kiss. The End.
Went To A Wonderful Restaurant called THE ANCHOR // Fish & Chips With The Family

Be Thou My Vision // Slightly Revised

You are my vision, O King of my heart.
Nothing else satisfies, Only You, My God
You are my best thought’s & Moments, Day & Night.
Waking or sleeping, Your presence, my light.
You are my wisdom, You are my true word,
I ever with You, and You with me Lord:
You’re my great Father, and I’m Your TRUE daughter.
You dwell inside me, we are ONE
You are my battle-shield, sword for the fight
You are my dignity, You’re my delight
You’re my soul’s shelter and You’re my high tower.
Come, raise me heavenward, O Power of my power.
I don’t want riches or man’s empty praise:
You’re my inheritance, now and always;
You, and You only, the first in my heart:
High King of heaven, my treasure You are.
High King of heaven, when victory’s won
May I reach heaven’s joy, O bright heaven’s Son.
Heart of my own heart, whatever befall,
Still be my vision, O Ruler of all.
Heart of my own heart, whatever befall,
Still be my vision, O Ruler of all

Notice the glory of Gods goodness.
Realize what His great grace means to us.
Remember His love & that there is always a plan & a new purpose.
There is a great place for the body of Christ to go.. AWAY WE GO!
Anytime God calls someone to do a certain work, an anointing of the spirit comes upon them to perform the task – Kenneth E. Hagin // Revised

Kind of all over the board today // whatever : )


No Way To Measure

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Ain’t no valley low enough
Ain’t no river wide enough
To keep us from your Love
Freely God gave His ONLY son.
He wants to BE with us.
He wants ME.
He wants YOU.

He is seeking after us.. just the way that we are… RIGHT NOW

We aren’t supposed to try & clean ourselves. God took that job when He gave His son.

Today, I look to my Creator. He is continuously making me new.

Our God does not withhold ANY good thing.

Ephesians 2:18


Take A Moment

Take a moment to see the beauty.

Take a moment to hear our creator.
Just take a moment to see where God has placed us… To see all that He is done.
God is our perfect father who knows what He is doing.

Enjoy this beautiful life with God & all that we are meant to in His abundance!

I have so many dreams come to pass.
He will always prove Himself faithful. Over & over.

God has given me good and encouraging friends who remind me to magnify the work of the Lord.. In that way HE builds our faith. NOT we. He is ever changing us to be more like Him.

In Him there is peace. Shalom peace. Sozo. WHOLENESS.

Tonight.. Or shall I say this morning… Wahwahwahwah (for you Jonny.. If you ever see this)..
I am going to //
Sleep.. Hopefully..
Get real nice & ready.. Get lookin good haha
& my FAVORITE! The first day of DISCIPLE (the fifth service disciple internship!)
We are off to the retreat!!!

Always moving onward and upward.

So thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life.
Missing a couple of valuables //
Lexi Speich
Jason & Brianna

Time get er done. PRAISE HIM // Nicole

We CAN Hear.

So I have been working a ton lately.. Seems like too much. It is, but I know that there is a purpose & the season of working in that atmosphere is coming to an end. PRAISE HIM. Disciple is starting up TOMORROW. AHH. I am a happy camper.
Just been experiencing God in the work arena.. In so many ways. What a creator of romance He is.
Growing closer..
Drawing near…
Nothing comes close.

Don’t wanna live with out my King.. Not at all..

There are a few important commitment decisions that have been asked to make..
First thing I think is.. I don’t know.. Too much.. Too many puzzle pieces.. Not enough time.. But I want to do it all..
Something interesting about God is He gives us all enough time, money and resources in general to go through life the way that He has created us to.

He will always be enough.. But wants us.
Not our time…
Or not just our time.
Not our money…..
But our money will go to what we value.

He wants me.
He wants you…
Just as we are..

Anyways back to decisions,
I don’t know what to do..
I can’t use my logic for unpredictable things..

In me there was some sort of insecurity about weather I hear the Lord..
But, you know what? Time & time again, He proves Himself.

I asked to hear His voice… He reassures me.

When it says in the word that He will give us the desires of our hearts, I believe that is two fold.
He forms His desires in our hearts & He gives us those desires..

He does lead us through those desires that He give us.

Dreams are important. I say write em’ down & look back later to see they have come to pass..
Not right when we thought they would, but in due time..

Anyways my point & the area that I am growing in //
Let’s not get worried about our future, listen to the voice of God, for we know His voice (and the voice of a stranger we will not follow)

For the times we miss it.. WE ARE COVERED. Praise Him!
Grace is alive.

We CAN Hear the voice of God.
He is NOT playing hide & seek.
God wants us to find Him.

Seek & you will find, because HE IS RIGHT THERE.
With us always.

Nothing of my own // Nothing of my own,



There is Hope in my heart.

There is hope that one day I will know God SO MUCH MORE
That I can grow closer TODAY

BEEN LONGING. There has been a great longing inside of me.. To know you..Intimately
Over the past week, I have become more and more desperate to meet with You.
Humbled — I need you.
You make me and mold me with yourself.. Grace & Love..
Your design.

Draw me away from the ruckus of the world..
Screaming for my attention..
Long for it to be me & You..

Without You I would be stuck..
Stuck without a hope..

I need You in everything..
Need You in growing closer to you..
You make it possible.
I have failed time & time again.
Need you every morning..
….. Every morning, noon & night..
All of the time..

You call me your beloved.
.. & even when I fail you help me.. You care for me.. You hear my soul & spirit calling to You. Even in an unrighteous act, You hear the heart that You designed, call the beloved one who created it…
You hear my spirit cry out to know you & be like you..
Let us BE together.
Just Be..

I am becoming more & more like You, for You are making me. I am your workmanship. All of my scales you are taking off. Shame has no place..only a place for You.

Dwell in my heart ALWAYS
Let Your praise be in my heart & on my lips..

On this day, my prayer..
Help me to recognize You all day..
To be WITH You.. Really with You. Aware of You..
I want to know You & be made like you.

There is Hope in me.. All of which is God.


Send a letter


Prepping to send thank you letters to those who supported me on my trip to Indonesia. SO VALUED.
Met some beautiful people.
It was my little sisters FIRST DAY of college. She is a PSEO student, but still it is weird.
Met with my old friend Lorelei today. Missed that girl.
Alexi, oh my dear Lexi Speich! How could you leave me!? I really am going to miss you. I plan on coming to see you my dear girl. You are very near & dear to my heart. You are a gorgeous girl.. Inward shell as well as outward shell. Haha
What an incredible woman. I love her. Gods using her in ways that she doesn’t even know about. Stoked to see where God takes her in this life!
Been working a ton lately.
internship payment mula is a comin.
God is good & He is my provider.

Taking care of business, peace!

I Am His

Pure & simple.
All I want is you God..
“I know only you can undress all these scales & all of my shame.”
He wants YOU.

Restful sleeping,