Mayday! Mayday!

by nicolefosterr

(documentation of a few incredible days in may)

the first photo captured on my darling little rebel.


The Lord used a man, named Blake, to bless me with a very nice, brand new Canon Rebel T5i.


mini road trip to eau claire. wanted a picture of my (a)Lexi, but sadly, it was cut short. had something to do with long boarding & urgent care. the day still ended okay. all in all a good day.

IMG_0138 IMG_0073

(Justin not pictured, but an essential to this trip).

random little snippets of mothers day! a woman that has taught me to look to Christ in every circumstance.

IMG_0166IMG_0243IMG_0101IMG_0209    img_0181_17325636239_o

little goal: many video clips were recorded on mothers day.. I would like to make a fun video of that beautiful day! gotta buy some basic video editing software.