no matter your surroundings

by nicolefosterr





Be who you are.

If you are a passionate person, then be that person whether or not the company you are with is passionate.

I have found my self shrinking back when I realize that those around me are not reacting the way that I react. If I notice the presence of God in a church service, I immediately want to express my love & excitement. Sometimes, I look around and find myself alone in this expression. Thoughts begin..

“Maybe this isn’t how I am supposed to react to His presence.”

“Maybe I am just emotionally unstable & I am letting my emotions run.”

“People might think that I am just being fake.”

“I wonder if people think I am overdoing it.”

and as a worship leader ;

“What am I doing wrong”?

“Why do I want to express this affection so badly, but the others do not”?

“Why can’t I help people feel the hope & joy that I feel”?

“I bet they think that I am being over spiritual.”

These  thoughts & questions, I leave behind me.

If I am just a little weird then so be it.

If complimenting someone could come off as annoying (a thought that I have had), then SO BE IT. If loving people or loving God looks obnoxious… Wow. I mean, why would I care about this. I want to remember that God made me to love Him.. & I love to love Him.

We need to come to terms with who we are & who we are called to be.

We are called to love.

We are called to know God.

We are called to LIVE.

We are called to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Regardless of our surroundings,

be who you are.

Trust that God is leading you.

“Have courage & be kind.”

“Just because it’s what’s done doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.”

Live Original,

Nicole Foster Rasmussen