House Of Cards

by nicolefosterr

My life ; built sturdy, on Christ.

What I do ; built sturdy, on Christ.

Dreams ; built sturdy, on Christ.

Passions ; built sturdy, on Christ.

Future ; built sturdy, on Christ.

Relationships ; built sturdy, on Christ.


For I do not build a house of cards, but your kingdom.

Nothing in my own strength.                                                                                                                  
If in and of my own; the wind will blow, the ground will shake, cards won’t last or hold the weight.

I don’t have to be afraid that something will be forgotten or fall apart.

You are leading me, have been leading me & will continue to lead me. You are forming me, your treasured art.

My life is made of your hands, your clay.

Thank you for calling me worth it. Thank you for giving me purpose.

Thanks for making me, God.





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