Purpose In His Word • Power In Our Speech

God sends His son so that His lost ones could be found, so that we could have His spirit in us.

His spirit alive in me, in you, now a possibility.

He speaks.

We hear.

Disobey or obey
Listen or ignore
Change it stay the same
Rise or fall

He loves.

Never will this change.

Here, on this planet, we have the power to change things. With Gods all knowing mind & perfect planning, we can change things. He knows what’s up. We are the light. We are his hands and feet & we can change lives.

I learn to hear Him better as I grow. We have been given an authority on this earth. We have a purpose. We are His chosen voice of love & passion.

More & more I learn to listen to the one that made me. Not just hear, but listen. Once I was told to speak. I was scared. I thought that I would offend. Thought that it was too late.. That the window was closed. That I might communicate poorly..

Did not realize how much my lack of speech could affect someone’s future.

Though I will not share the individual situation that I am thinking of, I see now that it was not love to hold back. One that is dear to my heart, felt a lack of the love of God. His word spoken by me may not have felt like love then, but it would have looked like love in hind sight. Although love existed, there was none to express because the one who possessed the word did not think that there was a great enough purpose in speaking it. Now a question remains in their heart,

“Why didn’t God speak? If God loves, why didn’t He try to tell me”?

This is not something that I feel guilt for, but I see that there is purpose in what we do.

A life lived with love & passion is not in vain. Our words bring life. When we are open to Our Lovers direction, all that He needs is a willing heart. Not qualified. Not perfect. But willing. We are made righteous through the blood of Christ.

Just be willing. Meditate on His love. Fear dissipated. All it’s vapors and illusions gone. His word, truth, sets us free. Fearless of failing. Bold. Passionate & loving.

With eyes on Christ, fruit will follow effortlessly.

“For God so loved…..”
John 3:16

Nicole Foster Rasmussen