End Of MY Rope

by nicolefosterr


Normally, I work on Mondays.

Not today. TODAY, I lay in bed.

I am NOT made to lay in bed, while the things that I love to do go undone.

Accomplish. Bear Fruit. Be a success.

Now don’t misunderstand me, these things are most definitely things that we were created to do, but something happens when they become your only focus… or moreover, the real problem is when the road to get there is anything other than looking to Jesus.

God gives me dreams. Shows me purpose. Places dreams of His own in my heart, where they become my own.

It was never wrong that I wanted those dreams passionately. They were His own desires. He put them there. My Problem is looking to myself to accomplish them. I CAN NOT accomplish these things on my own. Whatever I accomplish on my own will not last. It would be like using GLUE to fix an engine. The engine might look well, but when you go to start it nothing runs. It is not about the fruits, but about what is going on inside.

God cares about both our inside & our outside. However, the inside must change, before there can be lasting change on the outside.

We cannot have the lasting influence on the world without the everlasting God.

Behold Him. Dwell in His Presence always. Rest. Enjoy. Move in Him.


Keeping it real,

Nicole Foster