Take A Moment

by nicolefosterr

Take a moment to see the beauty.

Take a moment to hear our creator.
Just take a moment to see where God has placed us… To see all that He is done.
God is our perfect father who knows what He is doing.

Enjoy this beautiful life with God & all that we are meant to in His abundance!

I have so many dreams come to pass.
He will always prove Himself faithful. Over & over.

God has given me good and encouraging friends who remind me to magnify the work of the Lord.. In that way HE builds our faith. NOT we. He is ever changing us to be more like Him.

In Him there is peace. Shalom peace. Sozo. WHOLENESS.

Tonight.. Or shall I say this morning… Wahwahwahwah (for you Jonny.. If you ever see this)..
I am going to //
Sleep.. Hopefully..
Get real nice & ready.. Get lookin good haha
& my FAVORITE! The first day of DISCIPLE (the fifth service disciple internship!)
We are off to the retreat!!!

Always moving onward and upward.

So thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life.
Missing a couple of valuables //
Lexi Speich
Jason & Brianna

Time get er done. PRAISE HIM // Nicole