by nicolefosterr

There is Hope in my heart.

There is hope that one day I will know God SO MUCH MORE
That I can grow closer TODAY

BEEN LONGING. There has been a great longing inside of me.. To know you..Intimately
Over the past week, I have become more and more desperate to meet with You.
Humbled — I need you.
You make me and mold me with yourself.. Grace & Love..
Your design.

Draw me away from the ruckus of the world..
Screaming for my attention..
Long for it to be me & You..

Without You I would be stuck..
Stuck without a hope..

I need You in everything..
Need You in growing closer to you..
You make it possible.
I have failed time & time again.
Need you every morning..
….. Every morning, noon & night..
All of the time..

You call me your beloved.
.. & even when I fail you help me.. You care for me.. You hear my soul & spirit calling to You. Even in an unrighteous act, You hear the heart that You designed, call the beloved one who created it…
You hear my spirit cry out to know you & be like you..
Let us BE together.
Just Be..

I am becoming more & more like You, for You are making me. I am your workmanship. All of my scales you are taking off. Shame has no place..only a place for You.

Dwell in my heart ALWAYS
Let Your praise be in my heart & on my lips..

On this day, my prayer..
Help me to recognize You all day..
To be WITH You.. Really with You. Aware of You..
I want to know You & be made like you.

There is Hope in me.. All of which is God.