Send a letter

by nicolefosterr


Prepping to send thank you letters to those who supported me on my trip to Indonesia. SO VALUED.
Met some beautiful people.
It was my little sisters FIRST DAY of college. She is a PSEO student, but still it is weird.
Met with my old friend Lorelei today. Missed that girl.
Alexi, oh my dear Lexi Speich! How could you leave me!? I really am going to miss you. I plan on coming to see you my dear girl. You are very near & dear to my heart. You are a gorgeous girl.. Inward shell as well as outward shell. Haha
What an incredible woman. I love her. Gods using her in ways that she doesn’t even know about. Stoked to see where God takes her in this life!
Been working a ton lately.
internship payment mula is a comin.
God is good & He is my provider.

Taking care of business, peace!