Late Night Inspirations

by nicolefosterr

For some reason, once I reach a certain part in the night, I get very motivated..
Some nights I want to write music..
.. Some I want to finish that book..
…. Have that talk…
.. Paint the picture…
… Reorganize everything..
…. I want to try to become the best worship leader ever.. In one night..
.. Laughing hysterically with a friend..
……long boarding…

Although I like these late night moment of motivation & excitement…
I like the mornings too.. & I don’t want to forget that..


In those early mornings (when I start ’em out with God), I get a good breeze of the late night motivation. You can use your WHOLE DAY to do what you are inspired to do..

I hate the feeling/thought that I have to go to bed soon even though I don’t want to stop what I am doing to go to work the next day afraid that I won’t get enough sleep
(all in one breath)

I always seem to think a lot right before I fall asleep.

SO.. ANYWAYS.. I cleaned my room.. Cut my closet in half.. Sorta..