What a time to live..

by nicolefosterr

Good day to you!

What a good Father I have.
“Your grace it has saved us.. Nothing of our own.. Nothing of our own..”
Thank you Benjamin.

What a day.

Why do I wait to do the things that I hate?
Don’t like to bring in bad news.. BUT DON’T WAIT.
It’s time to see things like that as a challenge.
Make the call.
Clean the room.

Chances are it won’t be as hard as you think.


STOKKKED for this up coming year.
You know what, I don’t know what’s coming, but I can’t breathe with excitement.

So thankful that//:
God Loves Me
God Knows What He Is Doing
God Will Never Fail

My future is set. He has His reasons & His purposes.


You dig your claws into my chest/
I know only you can undress/
All these scales and all of my shame/
You dip me into the waters of your grace/
You clean me and kiss me on my face/
Only you can dress me in love again/

I can try to change myself all that I want. I can try to rip & shred off my old nature.. The flesh.. But you, my King, are the one who makes all things new. You are the one who can change me. You are the only one who can change me… Make me like you. You can take me from my weaknesses & bad habits.

You made the skies..
Changing from a beautifully painted sunrise, to the deep & powerful stormy night skies..
You made the trees and the vines that grow.. The beautiful sights to see.. Even those who don’t know you gather to see your work..
Oh You make Beautiful things..
& You made me..


My Name is Eustace

Peace out!
Off to challenge my room.