Jesus, You are my true north.

Month: August, 2012

Send a letter


Prepping to send thank you letters to those who supported me on my trip to Indonesia. SO VALUED.
Met some beautiful people.
It was my little sisters FIRST DAY of college. She is a PSEO student, but still it is weird.
Met with my old friend Lorelei today. Missed that girl.
Alexi, oh my dear Lexi Speich! How could you leave me!? I really am going to miss you. I plan on coming to see you my dear girl. You are very near & dear to my heart. You are a gorgeous girl.. Inward shell as well as outward shell. Haha
What an incredible woman. I love her. Gods using her in ways that she doesn’t even know about. Stoked to see where God takes her in this life!
Been working a ton lately.
internship payment mula is a comin.
God is good & He is my provider.

Taking care of business, peace!


I Am His

Pure & simple.
All I want is you God..
“I know only you can undress all these scales & all of my shame.”
He wants YOU.

Restful sleeping,



There is SO much going on.
It is truly exciting. Can hardly hold it in.
Lots of opportunities.
Oh God, you support me.
JCrew training tomorrow.
The amount due for The Fifth Service Disciple Internship..
750 buckaroos. Very soon.. & God definitely provided me with enough work.
Of course He is faithful.
Thank you! God you are cool… To say the least… TeeHee
Painting the room…
Stoked for the future.. Stoked for the now.
God has just been so easy to talk to lately. Been learning about how HE changes me & HE makes me.. What can I do on my own? Why would I EVER want to do anything on my own?
Number One// I was created to live with, in & for God..
Number Two// He IS joy, He IS peace, He IS grace, He IS truth.. He IS Love. These things do not exist out side of Him.
Number Three// you dig your claws into my chest.. Your getting rid of all my scales & all of my shame.. Chronicles of Narnia. Pleeease. Yes. Benjamin Dunn. Yes

Working on// Enjoying The Moment.
((painting has tried to take a toll))

Listening to// I Belong To You : Derek Johnson

Reading : The Bible// Romans

Don’t forget, God is here… Wanting you.. Loving you… Speaking to you.. Listening to your precious words.. Holding you close..

Until we meet again, God be with you till we meet again,

Sat out on the porch this fine evening. B-E-A-UTIFUL


Late Night Inspirations

For some reason, once I reach a certain part in the night, I get very motivated..
Some nights I want to write music..
.. Some I want to finish that book..
…. Have that talk…
.. Paint the picture…
… Reorganize everything..
…. I want to try to become the best worship leader ever.. In one night..
.. Laughing hysterically with a friend..
……long boarding…

Although I like these late night moment of motivation & excitement…
I like the mornings too.. & I don’t want to forget that..


In those early mornings (when I start ’em out with God), I get a good breeze of the late night motivation. You can use your WHOLE DAY to do what you are inspired to do..

I hate the feeling/thought that I have to go to bed soon even though I don’t want to stop what I am doing to go to work the next day afraid that I won’t get enough sleep
(all in one breath)

I always seem to think a lot right before I fall asleep.

SO.. ANYWAYS.. I cleaned my room.. Cut my closet in half.. Sorta..

What a time to live..

Good day to you!

What a good Father I have.
“Your grace it has saved us.. Nothing of our own.. Nothing of our own..”
Thank you Benjamin.

What a day.

Why do I wait to do the things that I hate?
Don’t like to bring in bad news.. BUT DON’T WAIT.
It’s time to see things like that as a challenge.
Make the call.
Clean the room.

Chances are it won’t be as hard as you think.


STOKKKED for this up coming year.
You know what, I don’t know what’s coming, but I can’t breathe with excitement.

So thankful that//:
God Loves Me
God Knows What He Is Doing
God Will Never Fail

My future is set. He has His reasons & His purposes.


You dig your claws into my chest/
I know only you can undress/
All these scales and all of my shame/
You dip me into the waters of your grace/
You clean me and kiss me on my face/
Only you can dress me in love again/

I can try to change myself all that I want. I can try to rip & shred off my old nature.. The flesh.. But you, my King, are the one who makes all things new. You are the one who can change me. You are the only one who can change me… Make me like you. You can take me from my weaknesses & bad habits.

You made the skies..
Changing from a beautifully painted sunrise, to the deep & powerful stormy night skies..
You made the trees and the vines that grow.. The beautiful sights to see.. Even those who don’t know you gather to see your work..
Oh You make Beautiful things..
& You made me..


My Name is Eustace

Peace out!
Off to challenge my room.


Today.. I Give In..

Cheers! Here’s to the new..
First things first// GOD IS GOOD.
My goal.. To know my Creator on a deep & intimate level..
I gave in to the desire of starting this blog.. a long time interest of mine.
It is time to document LIFE.

Music&Photo Discovery.
{{Inspiriation to start THIS BLOG}}

Wow.. I am going to have to get better at this..
Just prayed a little prayer..