Jesus, You are my true north.

collection of happy moments


Mayday! Mayday!

(documentation of a few incredible days in may)

the first photo captured on my darling little rebel.


The Lord used a man, named Blake, to bless me with a very nice, brand new Canon Rebel T5i.


mini road trip to eau claire. wanted a picture of my (a)Lexi, but sadly, it was cut short. had something to do with long boarding & urgent care. the day still ended okay. all in all a good day.

IMG_0138 IMG_0073

(Justin not pictured, but an essential to this trip).

random little snippets of mothers day! a woman that has taught me to look to Christ in every circumstance.

IMG_0166IMG_0243IMG_0101IMG_0209    img_0181_17325636239_o

little goal: many video clips were recorded on mothers day.. I would like to make a fun video of that beautiful day! gotta buy some basic video editing software.

no matter your surroundings





Be who you are.

If you are a passionate person, then be that person whether or not the company you are with is passionate.

I have found my self shrinking back when I realize that those around me are not reacting the way that I react. If I notice the presence of God in a church service, I immediately want to express my love & excitement. Sometimes, I look around and find myself alone in this expression. Thoughts begin..

“Maybe this isn’t how I am supposed to react to His presence.”

“Maybe I am just emotionally unstable & I am letting my emotions run.”

“People might think that I am just being fake.”

“I wonder if people think I am overdoing it.”

and as a worship leader ;

“What am I doing wrong”?

“Why do I want to express this affection so badly, but the others do not”?

“Why can’t I help people feel the hope & joy that I feel”?

“I bet they think that I am being over spiritual.”

These  thoughts & questions, I leave behind me.

If I am just a little weird then so be it.

If complimenting someone could come off as annoying (a thought that I have had), then SO BE IT. If loving people or loving God looks obnoxious… Wow. I mean, why would I care about this. I want to remember that God made me to love Him.. & I love to love Him.

We need to come to terms with who we are & who we are called to be.

We are called to love.

We are called to know God.

We are called to LIVE.

We are called to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Regardless of our surroundings,

be who you are.

Trust that God is leading you.

“Have courage & be kind.”

“Just because it’s what’s done doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.”

Live Original,

Nicole Foster Rasmussen

what we have been given


Power & purpose given –
Love washing over –
Victory living within –
Our past now behind –
Dreams placed inside –

Our call is now & it is before us.

God, I know you have good things for today.. Even in the parts that I am not as enthusiastic about.

Grace & peace,


Hope greets me in the sun shine & the birds song. A kiss of new mercy from the King. Purpose helps me out of bed. Hunger calls me into the kitchen. As I think about how God made this day, joy comes skipping through my doors & begins to sing & shout a song of freedom.

There is much to be done.. The plan is not obvious.. And I love that! What an adventure! What will this day look like? A grand expedition into the unknown. There is a new place in God to experience today! I am a pilgrim. New dreams to embark upon. I am a pioneer.

God is with me. Time to change the world. I can make history. You can make history. Let spread this freedom. We can make history, regardless of this small beginning.

God use me.

House Of Cards

My life ; built sturdy, on Christ.

What I do ; built sturdy, on Christ.

Dreams ; built sturdy, on Christ.

Passions ; built sturdy, on Christ.

Future ; built sturdy, on Christ.

Relationships ; built sturdy, on Christ.


For I do not build a house of cards, but your kingdom.

Nothing in my own strength.                                                                                                                  
If in and of my own; the wind will blow, the ground will shake, cards won’t last or hold the weight.

I don’t have to be afraid that something will be forgotten or fall apart.

You are leading me, have been leading me & will continue to lead me. You are forming me, your treasured art.

My life is made of your hands, your clay.

Thank you for calling me worth it. Thank you for giving me purpose.

Thanks for making me, God.





Featuring Watson & Holmes

Cabin time +

Good time at the cabin. Rest received. (Thanks Bethany for inviting).




A beautiful place that I found on my drive home.


Alexi Rae Speich | CHALK FULL of heart & skill.




All in all.. Lovely past couple of days.

//Nicole Foster

| Simple Documentation |

One of my favorite things that happened today // meeting with a couple of BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE – grateful for them in my life.
20140521-220607-79567212.jpgPhoto taken by David Voigtlander, edited & cropped by myself

• Recollection & throwback •








work • play

Passionate about my work.
Passionate about my play.
Love of God | my fuel




It’s Always A Good Time ••

Life is good.

A few good things :
I have the option to be a History Maker, with God as my ability.
Eating steak.
Enjoying a beautiful lazy Sunday.
Chilled with an old friend.
Went THRIFTIN.. Felt pretty fly.
Thinking about decor for the office.
People are awesome.
Ate watermelon.
Spilt the juice all over my self.
Ate a completely luxurious breakfast with my family.
Greek omelette & pancakes
Thought about the wonderful life that I live…
All of the opportunities that I have been given…
The dreams that have come to pass.

Wow. Thank you God.

Photo captures of the past couple of weeks // iPhone only.













With enthusiasm,
Nicole Foster Rasmussen